Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trip to Korea: photoshoot

**PICTURES ARE UP!  Posted almost all of them.. cuz they all turned out pretty nice!  There are some pictures excluded in a different dress-- but it's a surprise additional dress I will be wearing at my wedding!**

Hi ya'll! It's been a while eh?  I have been super busy with wedding planning and what not, but I am back... and I hope to update more frequently.  FYI I update Facebook and Twitter like it's my job, feel free to follow there.

I went to Korea for 11 days or so to meet my fiance's parents (for the first time!)  It went great-- they live in Seoul and I love it there.  I tried almost ALL the food!  I love super spicy Korean food.

Anyhow, I am going to upload pictures of the engagement photoshoot in Korea.  They are beautiful and untouched... but I did try to crop some because the photographer got piles of junk and fluorescent lights etc in the background of the pictures.  I guess she is going to photoshop 20 of them for us and put it in a book-- can't wait to see them!

So if you are interested in stalking 200 pictures of me and my prettyboy Korean, stay tuned!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day: Wedding plans pictures

I don't update my blog often enough.  Blog is kind of a "when I remember to" type thing.  Feel free to follow or to not follow or hate @me.

Happy Valentines Day!  Hope everyone is having/had a lovely day.  I didn't hang out with my sweetheart today because he's working-- big day for restaurants!  He is currently a server at a sushi restaurant while he's finishing up school.

He did drop off a small gift-- we said we weren't exchanging gifts this year!  We're both trying really hard to save money.

This is going to be a picture post giving you previews of my wedding!  Very little reading, FUN!

Wedding church!

Reception Hall!

I'm doing a candy bar in my colors for my guests because I loveeeee candy!!!

Upcoming posts about nail polish.  I've bought like 10 of them on sale or for really cheap lately... and didn't realize it.  They just accumulate!

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