Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day: Wedding plans pictures

I don't update my blog often enough.  Blog is kind of a "when I remember to" type thing.  Feel free to follow or to not follow or hate @me.

Happy Valentines Day!  Hope everyone is having/had a lovely day.  I didn't hang out with my sweetheart today because he's working-- big day for restaurants!  He is currently a server at a sushi restaurant while he's finishing up school.

He did drop off a small gift-- we said we weren't exchanging gifts this year!  We're both trying really hard to save money.

This is going to be a picture post giving you previews of my wedding!  Very little reading, FUN!

Wedding church!

Reception Hall!

I'm doing a candy bar in my colors for my guests because I loveeeee candy!!!

Upcoming posts about nail polish.  I've bought like 10 of them on sale or for really cheap lately... and didn't realize it.  They just accumulate!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Beauty Characteristics tag

I was tagged by Rinny to do the "7 Beauty Characteristics" post, and I have been meaning to update anyway so here goes!

For the tag, I'm basically supposed to list 7 physical characteristics about myself that I appreciate.  At least that's the gist, I think.  Then I need to tag 7 people.

Tags like this run the risk of sounding vain, but I think it's important to occasionally self-evaluate and find things you can appreciate in the physical realm.  I don't know about you guys, but I am VERY critical of the way I look, and myself in general.  It's generally easier for me to find my flaws.  After some thought, here are the things that I think are beautiful about me.

(Click images to enlarge for more thorough stalking)

1) Hands:  Kind of weird, but I get a lot of compliments on my hands.  My fingers are long and skinny, and my nails grow super fast so they are generally long and pretty.  
This is an awkward pic of me covering my face from a while ago haha

2) Hair:  I actually complain about my hair a lot because it can be very difficult to manage-- it's naturally very curly and can sometimes look like an afro or lion's mane.  BUT, my my hair holds style very easily, and I can straighten it, curl it more, or leave it natural and it looks different every day!

3) Height:  I'm 5'6"  -- I used to wish I was shorter because I think it's really cute for women to be petite, but at my height (and I guess build) I can shop anywhere I want and not have to alter anything.  I know that finding the correct fit is a struggle for a lot of women.

4) Nose:  not too big or small, I think it suits my face.

5) Teeth:  but yes I do whiten occasionally, so gotta give NightWhite some credit!

6 &7)  Brains and Sense of Humor:  Not a cop-out!  I feel this way about others and about myself.  I think my intelligence and my humor make me more beautiful, and the friends (and men) I find most attractive OVERALL, are the ones that possess these traits.  I've dated some men who I thought were gorgeous and I know their personality affected my judgement... after those relationships ended my friends would say, "What the heck were you thinking?!"  Oh well!  Now I have a fiance who I find very physically attractive, and also bright and interesting!  :)

My dorm room freshman year in college:  where I spent a lot of time expanding my BRAIN! haaa

Now I need to stalk some people and find 7 ladies to tag!  I haven't read peoples blogs in a while... so this might take a few moments!

  1. Christina T
  2. Mindy
  3. Jessy
  4. Jen

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