Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Putting in a lot of effort to not exert any effort at all

Laziness has been consuming my life lately.  I have been busy, that is fact, but anything that is not exactly a survival requirement gets put on the shelf.  

Actually no, shelving things would require exertion.  Having everything I own on my apartment floor helps to camouflage the cute stains so graciously gifted to me by the ex-tenant.  By cute, I of course mean it appears that someone was mortally wounded and dragged from the bedroom to the living room.  The stains are more or less immovable, as I did try to scrub them using my favorite "Oxy-deep" carpet cleaner back when I wasn't so lazy.

All of that was a little off topic.  

What I have been trying to confess is that I have almost completely replaced washing my hands with Purell.  I know, right.  

I feel that I should probably be more embarrassed to admit that, given my clean-freak style... 

But what I'm really thinking is wouldn't it be great if I could just replace showering with a similar method? I do have the convenient little disinfecting wipes, too.

There are probably some things I should be doing... but I do know that I've got some sitting around to do.

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