Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEW VIDEO: resume donts and dsk jewelry!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I don't owe you updates... you ungrateful little B...loggers

So here is my updated list of excuses as to why I haven't been 'round lately:

1.)  I took a new, fancypants job!
2.)  I moved
3.)  I don't have the internet at my new condo yet
4.)  I am forbidden to do anything other than work at work (seriously)
     4.5.) My boss has a "thing" against sticky-notes.  No one in the office is allowed to use them!  :(
Z.)  I am sitting in the lobby of my condo-- yes, USING THE INTERNET IN PUBLIC-- THAT MEANS I HAVE TO BE FULLY DRESSED!!! I am also laughing to myself like a crazy person.

I love the interwebz, I really do... if I could live in it-- believe me, I would.  So... my bad [for the lack of updates] yo.

Check out the new antique (new-antique = oxymoron = bonus points) house stuff I picked up last weekend!  For all you hipsters, antique is another way of saying "vintage."  Just want you hipsters to realize how cool (another way of saying "chic"???) I am.

The top of the turquoise night stand opens up... SECRET COMPARTMENT-STYLE and has a super old mirror!

The rest of these pics are just me being weird with one of my B.F.F.s.... Choua Kue :)

MY ANTIQUE ORANGE LEAF-LAMP!  And no, I am not going to pair if with the night stand.  I have a vision in mind.  It's a good one, I promise.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Blog Button Rivals My Belly Button

UPDATE:  Thanks to Miss Kimberly, my button is finally in working order!  I'm not very smart, so good thing she is!

I'm procrastinating on packing, so I created a button for my blog!  Please support the betterment of the world by adding my button to your blog/website.  IN THE NAME OF PRETTY, allow your blog to be aesthetically pleasing by adding my button.

here is the code!  it is also in the right side-bar.

I will also be creating a button for my new blog, giftsfromexbfs.blogspot.com

check it out!

That's all for now, I'm going to try to catch up on commenting/reading all yo blogs.

Let me know if you have a button you'd like me to add to my site!

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