Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am mostly alive

I've been busy with all sorts of nonsense. I'm not going to detail that statement, it's unimportant.

I have a 2nd round interview for a "big-girl" job in Chicago this Thursday, and I really hope I get it. I have to prepare a presentation for the interview, and I'm going to nail it... maybe. That's just optimistic-speak.

I've noticed some random beauty-bloggers have been visiting recently, so CHECK OUT MY FINGERNAILS! Oh by the way, I'm weird.

BARBIE PINK. YOU SEE? Yeah, I went there.

Now, a couple pictures from my trip to Russia that got the most feedback on Fbook:

St. Basil's Cathedral, there's a gruesome eye-gouging story behind this.

Please pay attention to the adorable monkeys, and not my lack of makeup and the shadows on our faces. I've decided that my monkey is one of J-Lo's backup dancers, and my sisters monkey is a farmer.W/ my dad making fun of the "sexy lady" drink stirrers that came with our White Russians. My sister said we should order the "White Russians" as "cacasians" ...haha. Oh, I guess it is also important to mention that we ordered these drinks AFTER completing a "vodka tasting" session. Bad news bears.

S, I wanted to add more pictures but I'm tired and I have to be up in 5.5 hours. Maybe I'll update this later-- but maybe not.

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