Friday, April 30, 2010


So, I start a new job this Monday.  I looked for and signed a contract for a condo in all of TWO DAYS and I got a phenomenal deal!  It's small, but it has 1.5 baths and 13 foot ceilings!  I am only sharing one picture right now... and only because most of you don't know me in real life so it might be internet-safe.

Sorry about my rare updates.  I have been busy getting my life together and such.

BUT HERE IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS:  I have created a new blog,  Gifts from Ex-Boyfriends.  It is inspired by one of my best friends, Choua.  You may have seen her work (that's all I'm allowed to say)!  YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO LOVE IT, SO BEGIN FOLLOWING THE BLOG AND THE TWITTER on faith that it will be great.


{{{{{{{{{Also, do any of you do website designs that could make me a pretty banner/layout/button for my mrs. cleanest blog (and if you do an excellent job, eventually the giftsfromexboyfriends blog)????  I will pay you based on competitive prices.  I don't know how much effort it involves and such, but I have at least..... $12 in my wallet.{{{{{{{{

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nonners: a new hair model?

If you've read my previous post (it's like 6 words, honestly you lazy bums)... I am dead-serious about wanting that $3,000 tempur-pedic queen-sized mattress.

So... I've been looking into creative ways to make some extra money so I feel less guilty about the splurge.

Ideas:  SELLING MY BODY!  No, not prostitution, but maybe selling blood plasma (although I heard it hurts).  Or even... selling my eggs.  Big money in selling eggs, but it's kind of a hassle because of... well, surgery and the fact that women do not re-grow eggs so my number of eggs would be limited when I try to get pregnant.

Action:  I have decided the best route for me to take a little extra $ (by far the safest/less-invasive) is to sell my hair. I posted an ad last night with 2 pictures of my hair, and I got an offer almost immediately, and offers are still coming in.  I can make over $1,000 for selling at least 6 inches of my hair.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  I was contacted almost immediately by a stylist for a professional haircutting video producer in Minneapolis. 

The producer was wondering if I would be willing to travel to Minneapolis to be a model for a hair styling video.  The pay would depend on several things, including how much I allow them to change my hair (length, highlights, etc) and how much time I would be featured in the video.  Apparently they use 2 models per episode, and this is generated for the "America's Top Model"/"Extreme Makeover"/"How Do I look?"/ fashionista type crowd.

And best part of it?  They said I would still be able to sell the hair that they cut off-- they just want a hair model.

Haha.  Funny how things work out sometimes.

ALSO, I get a formal offer from a Fortune 500 company this morning!  I'm so excited.

I think I love my life.  Right now, anyway.

Thanks for stopping by~ even though most people don't comment you are more than welcome to read/watch my vids anyway!

Pic of me "modeling" my "DSK Everything Bracelet" with DSK herself  :)  HAHA.  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Just provin' that I'm alive.

I'm going to buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress because I sleep best when I am treated like an astronaut.

More from me later.  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Current Fave cleaning product

New video is currently uploading to youtube!  Featuring my current fave cleaning product AND a great new beauty supply!

Sorry it's been so long!  I've had quite a lot of job interviews lately.  I hope to be getting an offer this Monday... wish me luck!

Check out my youtube & I'll also post the video on this blog later.

ALSO: vote for me! DSK JEWELRY MODEL 2010.  LOLZ.

I've missed the blog world, I'll try to get more involved for realsies.  But... not tonight.

TEASER FOR NEXT POST:  I'm working on renovating a huge antique pie chest.  I'll show you some cleaning before/after pictures next time I update.  :)

Thanks for stopping by and don't be afraid to comment, stalkers.

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