Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nonners: a new hair model?

If you've read my previous post (it's like 6 words, honestly you lazy bums)... I am dead-serious about wanting that $3,000 tempur-pedic queen-sized mattress.

So... I've been looking into creative ways to make some extra money so I feel less guilty about the splurge.

Ideas:  SELLING MY BODY!  No, not prostitution, but maybe selling blood plasma (although I heard it hurts).  Or even... selling my eggs.  Big money in selling eggs, but it's kind of a hassle because of... well, surgery and the fact that women do not re-grow eggs so my number of eggs would be limited when I try to get pregnant.

Action:  I have decided the best route for me to take a little extra $ (by far the safest/less-invasive) is to sell my hair. I posted an ad last night with 2 pictures of my hair, and I got an offer almost immediately, and offers are still coming in.  I can make over $1,000 for selling at least 6 inches of my hair.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  I was contacted almost immediately by a stylist for a professional haircutting video producer in Minneapolis. 

The producer was wondering if I would be willing to travel to Minneapolis to be a model for a hair styling video.  The pay would depend on several things, including how much I allow them to change my hair (length, highlights, etc) and how much time I would be featured in the video.  Apparently they use 2 models per episode, and this is generated for the "America's Top Model"/"Extreme Makeover"/"How Do I look?"/ fashionista type crowd.

And best part of it?  They said I would still be able to sell the hair that they cut off-- they just want a hair model.

Haha.  Funny how things work out sometimes.

ALSO, I get a formal offer from a Fortune 500 company this morning!  I'm so excited.

I think I love my life.  Right now, anyway.

Thanks for stopping by~ even though most people don't comment you are more than welcome to read/watch my vids anyway!

Pic of me "modeling" my "DSK Everything Bracelet" with DSK herself  :)  HAHA.  


Qloon said...

Hi, just wondering...where did you submit pictures of your hair?

Btw, i love your site, your humor is so quirky. And congrats on your job offer!

Noriki said...

WoOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O__________________________O

that's an interesting post there! i never heard about selling our own hair O_O WoOOOOOoooooot!!!!!

gratz to u!!!!!!!

jessalyn said...

dude. i have donated like 21" of my hair all together. that would have been a lot of freakin' money.

sounds like much more fun than donating blood plasma (really? plasma? i thought that was something ghosts had or something) or eggs.

congrats on the job lady. i hope you still let me stalk your funnies when you take over the world.

Miss Kimberly said...

You are so funny! I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I'm new to your blog, but I can tell your blog and I will be fast friends. Because I like to clean. And laugh... (:

jessalyn said...

fyi. i just died over your "hobo selling your hair" comment on steph's blog. just so ya know.

also, do you like how i call her steph like she is my close and personal bff.

i'm not too creepy, am i?

Mrs. Cleanest / Nonners said...

Qloon-- thanks for saying nice things about my site and the congratulations! I posted pictures of my hair on ! Check it out, it's pretty cool!

Noriki- thanks so much grrrrllll! Yeah you should look into selling some hair!!

Jessalyn- You could have made enough money off your hair to retire! For an entire 2 months or something! GET ON THAT!

Miss Kimberly- thanks for the nice comment! My blog says it likes you already!


fuzkittie said...

Haha that's the cutest photo!

DSK said...


Kristin said...

Looks like you've had quite a stroke of good luck. YAY!

Caroline :] said...

wow this sounds crazy! but I would never be able to do this bc you know why? My hair, like Steph's, takes AGES to grow out!! Lol , so I am not about to chop of 6 in. of my rare locks...which take freaking forever to grow out! haha xD

did you end up doing this hair model thing?

♥ caroline


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