Friday, March 19, 2010

Video delay

I will do a video soon, featuring.... my BRAND NEW #2 FAVORITE CLEANING PRODUCT OF ALL TIME (actually, of just right now)!!!!

But right now, I am DEEP into interviewing for a few very good positions within upstanding companies.

Basically this post was just a tease/ me making excuses for being a bad blogger.


Oh yeah, here's the view from my sisters swankyswankhead downtown Chicago condo (taken with my iPhone)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Let it be printed on every t-shirt in this land; On the finest of cottons and the hippest of brands

In case you were wondering, I do have a twitter.  It is (sometimes) way funnier than my actual blogs and videos, because it is private... and I therefore do what I want.  Feel free to request to follow me, though!

To my Mom- you can continue to read my blog/watch my videos, but you are disqualified from being a Fbook and Twitter friend-- sorry 'bout it!

I really like that my mom checks my stuff a few times a day, actually :D

Had a meeting with another biotechnology company in Chicago last Friday.  Went well, I think.

Also will be interviewing with a company in Michigan who reached out to me on Linked-In.  I have yet to decide if a link to my linked-in is a good idea... I don't want employers to think I'm a complete weirdo based on my blogging.  I'm only a partial weirdo.

I may or may not do a video tonight from Chicago-- I was supposed to hang out with one of my B.F.F.s, Asmait, who is in town from D.C.... but she has to like, "work" or something.  What's that all about? So video will be my fallback best friend tonight.  Get ready, because I have no clue what it's going to be about!   (Shout out to Asmait if you're reading this-- you professional box-mover, you)

Pics of me with some of "my asians" from Chicago recently.... *SCREECHING HALT**

My dad is taking me out to dinner in Chitown, pictures will be added later :)

Donara & Stacey

I was taking a brief power nap in this one, hahaaaaaaaaaaa   ^

Gettin' down to Donara's height ^   ;)
Stacey:  one of my best friends and co-workers 

Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm in Chicago right now-- have another biotech meeting in about 12 hours.

I'm not a super reliable blog updater or reader, I'll try to get better.

Expect a video from me... as well as a video response to a certain Ice1Cube on youtube (yeah, whoever that is) at some point in my life.

Oh... I'll leave you with some pics of me with DSK of DSK Jewelry.  I think she'll do a post about this at some point.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DSK Model Contest video #2!!

P.S. I made this years ago.  I need to make a bigger one.  This one only fits MOST of my dangly "costume" earrings.

Studs and sparklies have their own jewelry boxes :)

I'm too boss for titles

Will be making a *new* video tomorrow.  The asterisks around "new" denotes that the video will be SUPER EXCITING.

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