Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DSK Model Contest video #2!!

P.S. I made this years ago.  I need to make a bigger one.  This one only fits MOST of my dangly "costume" earrings.

Studs and sparklies have their own jewelry boxes :)


jessalyn said...

i hate when i can't watch your videos because i am at work. they are all "ooooh come watch me, i am a super funny video by your clean friend" and work is all "no, jess. you need to work and bosslady will yell if you are wasting time watching funny videos".
boo to work.

Caroline :] said...

Oh, Nonners...I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely ADORE you! You are soo animated and have such a bright, happy, and bubbly personality! You seem like such a fun person to be around and a great friend to have--Steph is so lucky! Maybe one day, we will randomly run into each other, if our paths cross, and I can say "HI!!" because I'll definitely recognize you! :)

Lovin' your vids! ;P
<3 caroline

wuzzyangel said...

That's a pretty cool holder NOnners!

Haha!! I know Steph put up soo many ?'s! LOL! But you're top finalist for sure, cuz like I always tell Steph, she only has the sexiest hottest models for DSK! ;)

I love the Checkerboards!! Wear mine everyday with my jet black Big Daddy Stars! LOL!

*Haha!! "I do whatever Steph says"*



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