Saturday, February 21, 2009

As Smart as Geek is Chic Right Now

*Edit* Unrelated to my cleaning endeavors, I recently figured out how to use my mactop's built-in camera while I was on the phone.

I just know this whole comp-cam/web-cam is going to be super bad news with my already creepy tendencies. Oh boy oh boy. */Edit*

I apologize to the 3 or 4 of you that are actually aware of my bloglife existence, I have been more than slacking on the updates.

So these are some pictures from last year, using one of my favorite cleaning products.
I lived in the oldest dormitory on campus, and my apartment had the most beautiful old doors (all original). The knobs, however, grossed me out. I mean not just the germs (I did take clorox wipes to the knobs for disinfecting purposes)... but every knob had a thick coating of blackish/blue film.


Brasso emits pretty epic fumes, and the main ingredients (IsoPropyl alcohol, ammonia, silica powder, oxalic acid) mean it is not particularly skin or lung-friendly. I actually wore through 2 pairs of rubber gloves... from vigorous... knob scrubbing.

In addition to metals, I've heard (have not yet tried) that Brasso can also be used to remove scratches from plastics like CD scratches, and can even smooth the appearance of lines and cracks on wristwatches. Pretty impressive, if you ask me!


Beautiful right? I realize these are pictures of two different doors, but I promise you, each knob turned out equally clean and shiny.

I'm not going to lie, each knob took upwards of 3 hours (really good arm workout) and at least one roll of blue shop towels (another favorite product!).

Totally worth it.


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