Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hellooooooo.  Some time has elapsed since I have last updated.

Here's my update:  I'm engaged!

***Taken with my iPhone, I'll take better pics later :)

Pictures of my fiance, Tae :)

I think I've got one of the only asians over 6 feet tall!  Haaa, my giant asian!

So... what's new with you?

P.S. Rinny- thank you for the "One Lovely Blog" award!  I look forward to determine the 15 bloggirls to pass it along!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute things for my home!

When I was in WPB I swung by Anthropologie and picked up a few things I LOVE.

FYI, these pictures are taken with my phone without any flash: the coasters are this sparkly in natural light!  

2 super pretty coasters, at $8 a piece.  I really don't have company much, so 2 is perfect for me!

The walls of my condo are ORANGE, and my decor is pretty eclectic so this coaster fits right in!

Love it in the white as well

Cute, no?

You can buy them online here -->   Celestial Coasters   but you have to buy them in a 4 pack, and all of the same color.  If you get them from the Antro store you can mix & match and get as many/few as you want!  The coasters come in 7 different colors and they are all wicked pretty IMO.

Rabbit ring dish!  $10 at Anthro!   I usually keep a few pieces of jewelry out that I wear frequently, so may as well make them look cute and organized.

And lastly... here is something I'm lusting after but can't justify for $50.  
"8 arms hook."   Completely random, but that's my style.  I don't need to have
an octopi-themed home to have an octopus hook,  do I?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A 37 second video, does that count? No? Okay more later.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back in Michigan & MAC goodies!

*Shout out to iAMminky3 : I can't comment on your blog!  :'(  When it gets to the word verification, it doesn't give me a box to type it! :'( 

I'm back in Michigan.  

That means no more of this...


Or this... 
My 8 lb monster dog, Grendel

There were so many things that looked super exciting in MAC's A Tartan Tale collection... but I agree with the people who said the swatches/trying it in person was disappointing.

I only bought ONE thing from the A Tartan Tale collection...

Things that I did buy, though!!

4 new eyeshadows:  Goldmine, Idol Eyes, White Frost, and Juxt 

FYI:  I have a ton more MAC eye shadows than this... I just used to buy everything in the individual container because I thought it stayed cleaner.  Now I'm alllll for palettes & I refuse to buy any more singular eyeshadows... they are too hard to find when you're looking for a specific color!

And the other things I bought?  Lip products or "lippies" as ya'll call it!

Add caption
The only thing I bought from A Tartan Tale!  MAC Dazzleglass Creme "Soft Dazzle" and I lurveeee it.  It's the first Dazzleglass I've owned!

Spice is Nice cremesheen

The lipliner is not pictured, but the color is "Spice"-- to match the lipstick, obvi!

I'm hopefully going to do a Youtube video tomorrow.  One of you brought up a good point that I would like to discuss further! Besides, it's been a while since I've made a fool of myself on the internet (or has it? you tell me).

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