Saturday, October 30, 2010

New GiftsfromExBfs and MAC "A Tartan Tale" Lust

" Well, helloooo there ;)  " to my new subscribers!   Welcome to my nonsense!  I'm guessing you like shoes, too!

I have another blog, and I will start updating it more frequently.  Let's just say that I have a lot of "material" with which to work... har har har.  Check it out!  

Also, I have yet to take a picture of my new 'do, but I fell ill a few days ago and continue to be sick... so I haven't actually bothered to style it since it was cut.  AKA my hair is naturally afro-curly AKA you can only see the real "haircut" when I straighten it which is not happenin' right now!  FAIR?  FAIR!

So the new MAC "A Tartan Tale" is super exciting!  I suddenly feel more Scottish than ever!  I might have to break out my kilt & bagpipes.  JK about the kilt.

Here are some of my faves from the collection (from what I can tell online), and I'm going to the mall tomorrow to hopefully verify and purchase!

Of the eye shadows:

Glamora Castle

Enviably Fun


Later (Black w/ transforming purple pearl)

6 Twists of Tartan Eyeshadows

6 Beauties Play it Cool Eye Shadows

The Faerie Glen
Cut a Caper
Aaaand the purpleish "Courting Lilac" (wouldn't let me add thumbnail)

Pretty, yes?  Have any of you picked up any of these yet?  I'd like to hear!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

West Palm Beach!

In WPB, Florida.

Got a haircut!

Purchased lots of shoes!

Working out a lot!

Pictures tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lately (in images)

Love notes from DSK

Getting spoiled w/ surprise packages from DSK Jewelry

balm: Summer Fruit Lip Balm Smooth Sphere - 5x0.25 oz,(EOS)
gloss: CARGO Classic Lip Gloss Singles, Tobago .16 oz (4.75 g)

Spoiling myself...
MAC Venomous Villains "Oh So Fair"

MAC Carbon, luckily I didn't have this black yet so the cute packaging was just a bonus.

3 new fall polishes :)

Everyone should declutter their shower! Love this.
Just repotted house plant #5... my mom needs to stop regifting them to me.  Mixed in some ivy.


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