Friday, September 24, 2010

Condo: Design Projects & New touch-free soap dispenser!

Here are some paint projects on which I've been working!  The before and FINAL pictures will be in my next post, because I don't have the end product pics yet.  These are all still in progress, YOU SEE??!?


But not really because I do what I want.

The top half of my antique pie chest:

(After 2 coats I think)

Ugly metal utility boxes:

Step 1:  Dust!  Step 2: Metal primer

1 coat of paint.  My paint color is called "French Roast"

3 Coats: still damp, but much better looking!

Aaaaaaand I'm sewing orange pillows for my blue corduroy couch!  

BUT NO, don't think I'm being thrifty by sewing my own pillows.  I spent hundreds... of dollars on this fabric.  The fabrics are textured weaves (we're not talking about hair pieces, here) and they are GREAT! 

Bonus points for my nails happening to match my fabric!  I dk why the lighting makes my hands/the fabrics look slightly more red than they actually are.

-The shorter trim is going to be on circle fabric which will be made into large square pillows ( 22" x 22" )

-The longer trim is going to be on small rectangular pillows with the geometric print.

And I bought a new soap dispenser to try out: it's lysol and it's no-touch!  Super excited about this!

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System!  You can find it all over, but I got mine  from Sam's Club and it came with 2 soap refills!

I'll let ya'll know what I think-- I'm very picky when it comes to hand soap.  Can't wait to try it out tomorrow (I'm not at home today!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DSK Jewelry Winnerrrrrrr!

Re-reading through all the entries and picking a winner for the DSK Jewelry prize!

The winner will be announced in a video I'm about to make.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DSK Jewelry Giveaway!

I don't really know how to edit photos... so I use this one all the time because DSK herself added the cute font/edges/blurriness!  

Stephanie is doing a giveaway!

Easy Giveaway Rules:

1. Be a reader/follower of DSK Jewelry

2. Leave DSK a comment in response to her question for you,
What is your all time favorite movie?
Followed by a generous "I love DSKJewelry!" ^_^
(but only say it if you mean it!)

3. Be a reader/follower of my favorite weird friend forever Nonners (Whitney!) : )
( ^shout out to ME!)

4. And leave a comment to my novel of questions for you at this blog:

  • What is the biggest flaw you find in your current friends/friendships? 
  • What do you think yours is? 
  • What do you think is the most important step towards maintaining your lifelong friendships? 
Feel free to post your responses here.  If you have already posted responses, no need to re-post.... I will hunt all responses down and read them!  Have fun with it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The men in my life

**Edit:  going to do a walk-through of my condo in a youtube video tomorrow, because I know ya'll are nosy!**

Pictures of my boyfriend (Tae) and my dog/cat (Grendel)

Both these boys make my life super happy!

My dog insisted on being on my lap for the pictures.  He's super attached to me!

Tae smiles with his eyes -_-

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