Friday, September 24, 2010

Condo: Design Projects & New touch-free soap dispenser!

Here are some paint projects on which I've been working!  The before and FINAL pictures will be in my next post, because I don't have the end product pics yet.  These are all still in progress, YOU SEE??!?


But not really because I do what I want.

The top half of my antique pie chest:

(After 2 coats I think)

Ugly metal utility boxes:

Step 1:  Dust!  Step 2: Metal primer

1 coat of paint.  My paint color is called "French Roast"

3 Coats: still damp, but much better looking!

Aaaaaaand I'm sewing orange pillows for my blue corduroy couch!  

BUT NO, don't think I'm being thrifty by sewing my own pillows.  I spent hundreds... of dollars on this fabric.  The fabrics are textured weaves (we're not talking about hair pieces, here) and they are GREAT! 

Bonus points for my nails happening to match my fabric!  I dk why the lighting makes my hands/the fabrics look slightly more red than they actually are.

-The shorter trim is going to be on circle fabric which will be made into large square pillows ( 22" x 22" )

-The longer trim is going to be on small rectangular pillows with the geometric print.

And I bought a new soap dispenser to try out: it's lysol and it's no-touch!  Super excited about this!

Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap System!  You can find it all over, but I got mine  from Sam's Club and it came with 2 soap refills!

I'll let ya'll know what I think-- I'm very picky when it comes to hand soap.  Can't wait to try it out tomorrow (I'm not at home today!)


jessalyn said...

you are very craftsy. i can't do any of that stuff. well i can paint, but more ends up on my face and in my hair than what i am actually painting.

thanks for the congrats on my bloggy blog too! :) it's about time someone make an honest woman out of me, i am almost a million.

p.s. my word verification is bullbi. i like it. i always get the best word verifications on your blog.

DSK Steph! said...

How about you come over and do my apartment!


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