Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's that time again, you want to leave me so I keep you home

Cleaning a microwave:

(This is not my microwave, mine is not dirty enough to use as an example-- sorry!)

1) Juice one whole lemon into microwaveable bowl
2) Add 1.5 to 2 cups of water to bowl
3) Microwave on high for 5-10 minutes
(The mixture will condense and cling to the walls of the microwave)
4) Wipe off gunk with some paper towel (or a shop towel!)

I don't like using too many chemical-heavy products in food preparation areas... and lemon is great at cutting grease.  It also smells (and tastes) exquisite.  I'm actually eating one right now... om nomnom.  

Back to the point.

Microwaves will kill most bacteria after 1 minute, and virtually eliminate all bacteria and spores after 5.  So even if the microwave is plastered with ancient remnants, the bacteria should be dead if the microwave has been used.

*Microwaves do not always kill all bacteria in things like thick, uncooked meat-- because microwaves cook from the outside in.  So, if you notice cold spots, put that shit back in the wave and make sure it's warm all the way through... and you're golden.

ANOTHER TIP:  I sterilize dish sponges in the microwave.  Make sure the sponge is really wet, then put it in the wave for 2 minutes on high.  Remove the sponge from the wave with tongs because it will be very hot!  If you do dishes daily, you should sterilize the sponge at least once every 3-4 days.


I went to a techno show this weekend.  Not really my scene-- or so I thought, I had a blast.  Some pretty interesting people and situations, for sure.

I'm actually not short, the boys in the picture are both > 6'-5" tall.  Critical fact.

  <--- some tiny-person-pink-wigged girl swinging around from the ceiling.  It was a little creepy.  Who knew that E was a requirement for these events?  Oh, everyone?  My mistake.

This post will be updated with a cleaning recommendation later in the day (it's 2:45 AM here).  Get excited, it will be filled with ridiculousity (not a word) and ludicrousness (a word (and a GREAT one)).  

If anyone stopping by has any questions about cleaning (a scenario problem, product recommendations, methodology)... feel free to ask!  I'm just getting started on this whole blog-deal and only 2 friends are aware of my blog-presence-- so I appreciate any comments/questions.  


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