Friday, January 29, 2010

West Palm Beach vid

I am now in beautiful WPB.  I did a quick outdoor video because... I could.

I'll embed the vid when it's done processing, but for now you can just read or re-read yesterdays post.

Yeah.  I'm bossin' you around.

Also the vid cut off before I was done talking bc I have no idea what I'm doing.  At least I'm honest.  Most of the time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicago means food (& drink)!

Michigan State University basketball: it's what we do! 8-0 in the Big Ten! We beat our rivals last night by COUNT IT- ONE POINT! Take that Universtiy of Michigan! You should have had that game with all our turnovers!

My dad was on the MSU bball team... back in Magic Johnson's MSU days.... before he quit and took a golf scholarship with MSU instead...

Yeah... my athletic abilities are inadquate...

Okay, sorry, enough about college basketball...

I am updating from my sister's downtown Chicago condo awaiting my flight to West Palm Beach. It is frigid here. "Windy City" sounds way too cute and mildly appealing to describe Chicago's winter season.

Okay, back to basketball, but only because I have a semi-funny story regarding last night!

My sister and I went out to a Michigan State fan bar in Chicago... and it was relatively divey (empty...) so we took a seat right at the bar. It took all of half a second for the man to the left of me to start up a conversation. "So... when did ya'll graduate? Not to be too forward, but want some onion rings?" So anyway, he walked behind the bar and poured 3 shots of whiskey (Jameson) for us. Whether he worked at the bar was unclear and unimportant at this point.

Naturally, stranger cofronts my sister and I about our sobriety-- a flirtatious way of pressuring drunkenness. My sister and I, clarifying disinterest in the man, respond as follows:

"My car is parked at my boyfriend's." - sister

"I can't drink 'cuz alcohol cancels out my medication." - me

Haha. Shot down by a blunt and psycho excuse. That was the point when he became ashamed of his investment.

Then, the bartender (different guy) hooks us up with some shots, some beer, some french fries, and some more shots. When the game is over, the bartender doesn't even charge us for ANYTHING (so we leave him a combined $10, just cause).

Moral of the story: Be a cute girl who likes watching basketball. Reap the rewards. Psycho excuses always win.

This is no ordinary hot dog! It's from Hot Doug's (again, Chicago). Hot Doug's is one of Anthony Bourdain's "13 Places to Eat Before you Die." And believe me, I have eaten there enough times that it might actually kill me.
I got the "Saucisson Alsacienne"- Bacon Sausage with Creme Fraiche, Caramelized Onions and Camembert Cheese.


While we're on the topic of food... check out this banana I found at the grocery store! It's a double banana! 2 packed in one! 2 bananas! Overkill!

Don't even try to steal my thunder like one of my Fbook friends and say it is a different type of banana. IT WAS THE ONLY BANANA IN THAT GROCERY STORE LIKE THIS. Give me credit for my weird finding. Thx.

Sorry this was random. I probably had more things I was going to discuss, but I'm leaving for el aeropuerto.

Thanks for following, ya'll! Sorry I don't update super frequently, I'll try to get on that. I still don't really understand how to utilize this youtube/blog nonsense to its fullest potential yet. Help me?

Expect a video from Whitney in West Palm Beach soon! To avoid potential confusion, yes, I am Whitney.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New video tonight

A new video will be posted tonight addressing specific questions I was asked about interviewing. It's a little dry (I can be professional sometimes), but I think I enjoy responding to specific requests such as that.

If any of you have any questions on cleaning/cleaning products/recommendations/interviewing/HR/Me <-- (let's be real, I'm very interesting)... then let me know! I'd love to respond!

I'm going out tonight. And Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night for that matter.

I am also going to Florida (again) for about a week (again), and then will be getting some VIP club treatment in Chicago as well as attending a meeting with a Biotechnology firm...

So... my real life has been busy. But I would love to catch up on the blog world as well (sorry about lack of responses and whatnot (I'm really not a rude person)). I'm surprised at how interesting most of the people who "follow" me really are. I mean, who knew there were people out there way cooler than me??? Some of you really have your shit together, and I hope to absorb some of your wisdom.


Monday, January 18, 2010

23rd birthday party

My friends are excellent. We know how to have (way too much) fun.

I'm still exhausted. So here are some pictures... with little to no words. :)

My really really asian boy throwing up the peace sign (again, really asian).

2 of my best friends: one is a model ;) and the other one is a movie star. Seriously. How cute are they?
You know how in a vid I mentioned I was a frat boy? This is my big brother, Michelle. Pretty sexy frat boys, eh?
Dancing w/ my asian boy
dancing on stage with my friendyfriends

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Extravaganzaaaaaa

Going to a friend's/ ex-coworkers birthday party tonight. We worked together in the pharmaceutical industry, and we had a pretty excellent (funny) time. Having the boyfriend drop me off and pick me up because he's a sweetheart (awww).

Having a birthday party for MYSELF tomorrow. Just 11 people or so. Sour patch kids martinis and dancing WILL MOST DEFINITELY be involved. My birthday isn't actually until Tuesday, but people have these lame things called "jobs" so I'm officially making my bday tomorrow. I'll be 23... pretty uneventful... so I'm going to do my very best to make it memorable/ridiculous.

There will be pictures to accompany this post at some point.

Random cleaning tip- Especially during this wintery/cold/flu season, make sure you are disinfecting the following AT LEAST once a week:
door knobs
faucet handles
cell phones
home phones
car handles
computer keyboards

Just some little things that people forget are hosts to zillions (<-- div="" germygermgerms.="" number="" of="" right="" technical="" there="">

For those who have been commenting-- thanks! I have a girl crush on all of you! Crap now that you're creeped out you're probably not going to comment anymore, eh? Sorry.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Important Update!!!

EDIT**** That is not my baby. LOL "DSK/Steph." Hahaha I didn't even notice that. NOT MY CHILD.

So my backyard, Lake Michigan, is freezing over. You don't understand how excited I am! Now I can start my diabolic plan to introduce penguins as invasive species in Michigan. INVASION OF CUTENESS.

Also, say hi to my boyfriend-- Potaeto! When he wants to hang out or when he has to study, he really means "nap." I asked for permission to snap this photo while he napped, he was so out of it that he agreed. So naturally, it's also plastered all over Facebook.

He says I love to embarrass him, but that's a dirty lie.

Also, pictures of the adorable newborn I babysat in West Palm Beach. I spilled Reese's cup crumbs all over her because I was super hungry and she cried whenever I put her down... whoopsie daisies.


Thursday, January 7, 2010



Wear a clean pair of underwear, pack a toothbrush, and grab some fruit rollups and snack-packs just in case....

and hand sanitizer...


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chilling in West Palm Beach...

*EDIT* My laptop has a fever and has been burning my legs/hands off... so it is currently in the computer hospital. Therefore, video making/posting will be further delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Except not really... stop whining and take it like a man!!!

In all seriousness, chilling in West Palm Beach. It has been really, really cold. I've been wearing my knee-length Northface winter coat (yes, the same coat I rock in MICHIGAN)!!!

I am babysitting an adorable baby girl tomorrow morning, so maybe she'll make a guest appearance in a video! Or, you know, maybe not. No promises.

Thanks to all of those who have started following my blog/youtube! I look forward to checking out all of your pages later, but right now... my response to everything is "I'M ON VACATION!!" Hehe :)

Will hopefully be able to respond to you all/do a video tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a glorious New Years Eve and are enjoying the first few days of 2010!

(((Me rocking DSK Jewelry))) LOL.


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