Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicago means food (& drink)!

Michigan State University basketball: it's what we do! 8-0 in the Big Ten! We beat our rivals last night by COUNT IT- ONE POINT! Take that Universtiy of Michigan! You should have had that game with all our turnovers!

My dad was on the MSU bball team... back in Magic Johnson's MSU days.... before he quit and took a golf scholarship with MSU instead...

Yeah... my athletic abilities are inadquate...

Okay, sorry, enough about college basketball...

I am updating from my sister's downtown Chicago condo awaiting my flight to West Palm Beach. It is frigid here. "Windy City" sounds way too cute and mildly appealing to describe Chicago's winter season.

Okay, back to basketball, but only because I have a semi-funny story regarding last night!

My sister and I went out to a Michigan State fan bar in Chicago... and it was relatively divey (empty...) so we took a seat right at the bar. It took all of half a second for the man to the left of me to start up a conversation. "So... when did ya'll graduate? Not to be too forward, but want some onion rings?" So anyway, he walked behind the bar and poured 3 shots of whiskey (Jameson) for us. Whether he worked at the bar was unclear and unimportant at this point.

Naturally, stranger cofronts my sister and I about our sobriety-- a flirtatious way of pressuring drunkenness. My sister and I, clarifying disinterest in the man, respond as follows:

"My car is parked at my boyfriend's." - sister

"I can't drink 'cuz alcohol cancels out my medication." - me

Haha. Shot down by a blunt and psycho excuse. That was the point when he became ashamed of his investment.

Then, the bartender (different guy) hooks us up with some shots, some beer, some french fries, and some more shots. When the game is over, the bartender doesn't even charge us for ANYTHING (so we leave him a combined $10, just cause).

Moral of the story: Be a cute girl who likes watching basketball. Reap the rewards. Psycho excuses always win.

This is no ordinary hot dog! It's from Hot Doug's (again, Chicago). Hot Doug's is one of Anthony Bourdain's "13 Places to Eat Before you Die." And believe me, I have eaten there enough times that it might actually kill me.
I got the "Saucisson Alsacienne"- Bacon Sausage with Creme Fraiche, Caramelized Onions and Camembert Cheese.


While we're on the topic of food... check out this banana I found at the grocery store! It's a double banana! 2 packed in one! 2 bananas! Overkill!

Don't even try to steal my thunder like one of my Fbook friends and say it is a different type of banana. IT WAS THE ONLY BANANA IN THAT GROCERY STORE LIKE THIS. Give me credit for my weird finding. Thx.

Sorry this was random. I probably had more things I was going to discuss, but I'm leaving for el aeropuerto.

Thanks for following, ya'll! Sorry I don't update super frequently, I'll try to get on that. I still don't really understand how to utilize this youtube/blog nonsense to its fullest potential yet. Help me?

Expect a video from Whitney in West Palm Beach soon! To avoid potential confusion, yes, I am Whitney.



jessalyn said...

you are awesome. first of all, i love the double banana. i would have bought it and demanded i was only charged for one. (bananas are probably sold by weight, huh? nevermind that idea then)
second of all, i love that you pull the booze canceling out your meds line off the top of your head (unless that's real, in which case, the shots and beer from the bartender was probably a bad idea).
third of all, i am all about using more than one language in postings. c'est bueno (3 languages in this comment now. rad)
lastly, i like how you have a different name in a different state. maybe whitney is your real name? i don't even know. but i enjoy that i have three names for you now (whitney, mrs. cleanest, and nonners-which was how dsk steph introduced you).
so now that my comment is as long as your post, i will wrap this up. and i know nothing about youtube other than pushing the button that makes vids play.

wuzzyangel said...

LOL a double banana!!

And psycho excuses huh? Need to remember that next time! Wait... who am I kidding.. I don't get hit on! LOL!

Bunnie said...

Nice bar excuse. I may try that next time.

Also, that hot dog looks so freaking delicious. I'd go eat something fattening to curb my craving if I wasn't stuck in class right now.

And I think you're cool for finding a banana with a genetic disorder. Props to you!!! LOL



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