Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chilling in West Palm Beach...

*EDIT* My laptop has a fever and has been burning my legs/hands off... so it is currently in the computer hospital. Therefore, video making/posting will be further delayed. Sorry for any inconvenience. Except not really... stop whining and take it like a man!!!

In all seriousness, chilling in West Palm Beach. It has been really, really cold. I've been wearing my knee-length Northface winter coat (yes, the same coat I rock in MICHIGAN)!!!

I am babysitting an adorable baby girl tomorrow morning, so maybe she'll make a guest appearance in a video! Or, you know, maybe not. No promises.

Thanks to all of those who have started following my blog/youtube! I look forward to checking out all of your pages later, but right now... my response to everything is "I'M ON VACATION!!" Hehe :)

Will hopefully be able to respond to you all/do a video tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a glorious New Years Eve and are enjoying the first few days of 2010!

(((Me rocking DSK Jewelry))) LOL.


wuzzyangel said...

Happy New Year's Nonners! Have fun on your vaca!

Glenn Kun said...

hello there. just blog walking. keep urself hot! ^^...

Kristin said...

It's Florida. It's not supposed to be THIS cold!


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