Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Extravaganzaaaaaa

Going to a friend's/ ex-coworkers birthday party tonight. We worked together in the pharmaceutical industry, and we had a pretty excellent (funny) time. Having the boyfriend drop me off and pick me up because he's a sweetheart (awww).

Having a birthday party for MYSELF tomorrow. Just 11 people or so. Sour patch kids martinis and dancing WILL MOST DEFINITELY be involved. My birthday isn't actually until Tuesday, but people have these lame things called "jobs" so I'm officially making my bday tomorrow. I'll be 23... pretty uneventful... so I'm going to do my very best to make it memorable/ridiculous.

There will be pictures to accompany this post at some point.

Random cleaning tip- Especially during this wintery/cold/flu season, make sure you are disinfecting the following AT LEAST once a week:
door knobs
faucet handles
cell phones
home phones
car handles
computer keyboards

Just some little things that people forget are hosts to zillions (<-- div="" germygermgerms.="" number="" of="" right="" technical="" there="">

For those who have been commenting-- thanks! I have a girl crush on all of you! Crap now that you're creeped out you're probably not going to comment anymore, eh? Sorry.


wuzzyangel said...

Have fun!! And I'm always lysol wiping the comps at home! LOL!

jessalyn said...

ooo have some fun for me! this old lady is staying in this weekend...

there is a bar we go to sometimes that makes pop rocks martinis- ah-ma-zing!

i am off to go disinfect everything right now while i sip on my wine :)


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