Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute things for my home!

When I was in WPB I swung by Anthropologie and picked up a few things I LOVE.

FYI, these pictures are taken with my phone without any flash: the coasters are this sparkly in natural light!  

2 super pretty coasters, at $8 a piece.  I really don't have company much, so 2 is perfect for me!

The walls of my condo are ORANGE, and my decor is pretty eclectic so this coaster fits right in!

Love it in the white as well

Cute, no?

You can buy them online here -->   Celestial Coasters   but you have to buy them in a 4 pack, and all of the same color.  If you get them from the Antro store you can mix & match and get as many/few as you want!  The coasters come in 7 different colors and they are all wicked pretty IMO.

Rabbit ring dish!  $10 at Anthro!   I usually keep a few pieces of jewelry out that I wear frequently, so may as well make them look cute and organized.

And lastly... here is something I'm lusting after but can't justify for $50.  
"8 arms hook."   Completely random, but that's my style.  I don't need to have
an octopi-themed home to have an octopus hook,  do I?


iAMminky3 said...

Oooh! Pretty pretty!!! Lately, I've been into decorating my apartment as well. Haha! I love Anthropologie.

MakeupFanatic27 said...

Coasters are really nice and the Rabbit ring dish is so cute! I love that! Thanks for sharing!

The Little Dust Princess said...

Those coasters are so cute! I like the grippy part so the cups don't slip. And I NEED that octopus in my life!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rinny said...

Everything is so cute! The octopus hook thingy is probably my favorite haha. I love eclectic, unique decor like these :D

LilacCactus said...

Wow!! The coasters look amazing! Very unusual ;) said...

Hi Nonners!

I'm a new follower to your blog. Your post makes me envious of how there's an Anthropologie near you :( My favorite item from your post is the rabbit dish! It looks great with or without the jewelry and it's such a steal for $10 in my honest opinion. I think you should hint someone to get you the "8 arms hook" for a special occasion ;) I look forward to more of your blog entries :)

from Vancouver, Canada

Susanna said...

Wow never seen such coasters before LOL. Looks like spoiled bread, does it fool people when they come to your house?

Rinny said...

You've been tagged you for the One Lovely Blog award ^^
Link to post

sole said...

the rabbit ing disk is so cutte!!


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