Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back in Michigan & MAC goodies!

*Shout out to iAMminky3 : I can't comment on your blog!  :'(  When it gets to the word verification, it doesn't give me a box to type it! :'( 

I'm back in Michigan.  

That means no more of this...


Or this... 
My 8 lb monster dog, Grendel

There were so many things that looked super exciting in MAC's A Tartan Tale collection... but I agree with the people who said the swatches/trying it in person was disappointing.

I only bought ONE thing from the A Tartan Tale collection...

Things that I did buy, though!!

4 new eyeshadows:  Goldmine, Idol Eyes, White Frost, and Juxt 

FYI:  I have a ton more MAC eye shadows than this... I just used to buy everything in the individual container because I thought it stayed cleaner.  Now I'm alllll for palettes & I refuse to buy any more singular eyeshadows... they are too hard to find when you're looking for a specific color!

And the other things I bought?  Lip products or "lippies" as ya'll call it!

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The only thing I bought from A Tartan Tale!  MAC Dazzleglass Creme "Soft Dazzle" and I lurveeee it.  It's the first Dazzleglass I've owned!

Spice is Nice cremesheen

The lipliner is not pictured, but the color is "Spice"-- to match the lipstick, obvi!

I'm hopefully going to do a Youtube video tomorrow.  One of you brought up a good point that I would like to discuss further! Besides, it's been a while since I've made a fool of myself on the internet (or has it? you tell me).


iAMminky3 said...

OMG! Thank you for the shoutout! haha! but there's a problem with the word verification thing?? ughhh better check that out.

I love eyeshadows in palettes as well. So much easier, yeah? I hate having to dig through a box full of single eyeshadows. I must say that Goldmine is a gorgeous color. Whoa!!!

Grendel is toooo cute!!! awww. :)

jOann said...

nice choice in colors..can't wait to see your video with the new MAC goodies lol

DSK Steph! said...

LOL I love your arrows! I have Goldmine, Idol Eyes, and Juxt! Fabulous choices my friend :) I can't believe you left behind that beautiful puppy dog face!

CocoBella said...

The mac eyeshadows are gorgeous! I totally agree about using palettes instead of individuals, its much more convenient for me and I like being able to mix colors together.

MakeupFanatic27 said...

Great hauling, and love the shadows you picked out! Also that puppy is the cutest! ^.^

The Little Dust Princess said...

Your dog is adorable! Great haul. I'm loving the lipstick <3

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rinny said...

I've never tried any of the lipglosses from MAC, but the one you got looks really pretty!

Gjee said...

i hate you. your home is breathtaking. >:( its like the stuff you see on "Mansions and Millionaires" have you ever seen that show???? lol

lol your puppy makes up for it. holy crap is he a cutie! why did you leave him? =\

infamous.love said...

Hi Nonners!

My sister bought the same eyeshadows that you have after I showed this post to her ^^ She absolutely loves them! Thanks for sharing :)

from Vancouver, Canada :)

Susanna said...


sole said...

Oooh, I love the beach, but in this momment in my country is winter, and out of my house it´s snowing.


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