Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Blog Button Rivals My Belly Button

UPDATE:  Thanks to Miss Kimberly, my button is finally in working order!  I'm not very smart, so good thing she is!

I'm procrastinating on packing, so I created a button for my blog!  Please support the betterment of the world by adding my button to your blog/website.  IN THE NAME OF PRETTY, allow your blog to be aesthetically pleasing by adding my button.

here is the code!  it is also in the right side-bar.

I will also be creating a button for my new blog,

check it out!

That's all for now, I'm going to try to catch up on commenting/reading all yo blogs.

Let me know if you have a button you'd like me to add to my site!


Miss Kimberly said...

Hey lady!
I went to add your button to my blog and you have errors in the HTML posted, there is an extra little letter L hanging out after the .jpg extension at the end there... also you are missing quotation marks before the link to your blog.. so it isn't linking correctly right now. Just thought I'd let you know! :D

Nonners said...

I think I fixed it-- thanks for letting me know! P.S. I like you more than everyone else right now for being the 1st to attempt to add my button!

Miss Kimberly said...

Psh yay!! Score!! Lol.
Well I feel like a bossy mom right now (sorry, hopefully this is helpful) but it isn't quite fixed yet, the quotation marks go before the http part.. basically like this:

-- border="0" href="" --

Nonners said...

LOLZ Nonners fail!

jessalyn said...

your button has added a whole new level of beautifulness to my blog.


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