Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lately (in images)

Love notes from DSK

Getting spoiled w/ surprise packages from DSK Jewelry

balm: Summer Fruit Lip Balm Smooth Sphere - 5x0.25 oz,(EOS)
gloss: CARGO Classic Lip Gloss Singles, Tobago .16 oz (4.75 g)

Spoiling myself...
MAC Venomous Villains "Oh So Fair"

MAC Carbon, luckily I didn't have this black yet so the cute packaging was just a bonus.

3 new fall polishes :)

Everyone should declutter their shower! Love this.
Just repotted house plant #5... my mom needs to stop regifting them to me.  Mixed in some ivy.


DSK Steph! said...

Man..that was a secret note with super crappy handwriting!


I want your soap thing damnit.

Nannerz said...

That soap dispenser thing is really neat, but it's frustrating when it's nearly to the end and you're in the middle of the shower beating it up. Lol

coffretgorge said...

ooh LASAGNA! looks gewd! :) you and steph are really adorable! you have so much fun together yes? :)

that soap dispenser is neat, but im too much of a packaging junkie to let go of my colorful bath shower bottles and shampoos hahaha!

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

I'm a bad plant mother. I want to give my new place some life but I don't know what a good starter plant would be? :(

Serena said...

{*DROOLAGE} The lasagna looks soo good. I just heard my stomache growl at me.

That's a super nice love package from DSK. So many little goodies! I think the notes that come with love packages are my favorite. It gets to me every time.

Susanna said...

That lasagna looks yum! Did you make it? :)


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