Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today is Tuesday

Today is 7 months with my Potaetosalad.  And by that I do mean boyfriend.  I'm waiting for him to leave work so that I can spend 15 minutes with him before I have to kick him out so I can go to sleep.  I think he is great, though. :)  <--Smiley face emoticon.

Working makes me keep the schedule of an elderly person.

On Saturday, July 3rd I will be getting internet access!  THAT'S RIGHT.  ACCESS TO THE INTERNET ALL THE TIME.  Be prepared.

While I've been waiting for Tae to show up, I made a video to promote DSK Jewelry's 2010 Model Contest.

To avoid potential confusion: i am not a real competitor in the competition.  Steph is my friend IRL, and even if she wasn't.... it would still be unfair competition because I AM MADE OF MAGIC!

So please view my video (on my youtube) and let the competitors in you LOOSE (top model style)!  Enter her contest by July 15th~ the deadline has been extended!


jessalyn said...

i'd like to know why your boyfriend is called potaetosalad. happy 7 months!

i have the schedule of an elderly person as well...i also have the face & body of an elderly person. which is why i am not entering steph's model search. well, that and what's the point....you are so the winner.

DSK Steph said...

IRL friends ftw! lol

payrollwanderer said...

I'm so glad I remembered this exists. Is this the bf that brings you yesterdog?


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