Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New closets! Youtube walkthrough on Friday!

Sooo... redid my closets. Here It's basically installed, but the old holes need to be patched and painted tomorrow.... so I can't put anything away.

But since ya'll are nosy, I will give you a video walk-though of my closet when the paint dries & I have all my material items (HA!) organized in it.   It's very hard to capture the greatness in photos, because the shelves are very tall! 13 foot ceilings, tall.

Get excited, it's a Nonners video... so you know it is going to be very awkward.


Bedroom closet...
DOUBLE. HANGING.   Necessary!

Coat closet:

Not all of the shelves are in the built-in, but you get the idea.


MakeupFanatic27 said...

Wow Big difference! I bet you can't wait to fill it up! hee hee

Mindy♥ said...

wooohooo, girl!! Looks nice and clean! :) Can't wait to see that YouTube walkthrough now!!!! ;)

siwing said...

looks great !! =DDDD i wish my closet was big enough =(

siwing said...

looks great !! =DDDD i wish my closet was big enough =(

Susanna said...

So far so good! I'd like to see it when you have stuff in there :)

Ciara Anidome said...

Haha, i did my closet before school started. Should do it again some time.
I stopped by to say cangrats with getting engaged!!

sole said...

OHH, I have been very nice. With the remodeling you have done in the closets you can get a lot of things and clothes.

my favorite pink said...

Good luck with the closet remodeling! =)


Rinny said...

Love the new closet organization! This will definitely make things a lot more neat and organized. Seeing room and closet makeovers always makes me want to reorganize, but then I think of all the work and end up putting it off indefinitely lol

wuzzyangel said...

Wahhh that's a "DREAM" Closet! I'm soo jelly!!! But looks like it's getting put to good use!!

Hey don't know if I've said it yet since I've been MIA & all, but CONGRATS again on being a engaged woman! :) <3!!!


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