Sunday, December 5, 2010

LOTD winter makeup/ blog award

News:  I have been engaged for one week now!  7 days, and he didn't change his mind and run for the hills... yet.  

Still can't get over how beautiful the ring is, and he picked it out on his own!  I am a spoiled, spoiled girl.

Rinny gave me my first ever blog award, thanks girlfrennnnn!  Hard to believe I'm not getting nominations all the time, right? Ha!  

I will now pass this award to 15 other bloggers.  I have a few ladies in mind who may or may not still be blogging, but I will tag them anyway.  Also, I will try to give the award to people who don't already have it... but honestly I have no clue.  :P

  1. Minh (Arrow Law Group) (he makes bankruptcy sound sexy)
  2. Jessalyn (she is funny and she is also engaged!)
  3. Kendall (her nonsense on Fbook and her blog makes me laugh)
  4. Mindy/Minky!
  5. Stephanie (She probably has 20 of these awards, but it only counts if it's from ME)
  6. Susanna!
  7. GJee!
  8. Kimberly ! (girl needs to update!)
  9. Caroline !
  10. CocoBella !
  11. Elizabeth !
  12. The Little Dust Princess !
  13. Makeup Morsels !
  14. Jennifer (also engaged!)
  15. Jennifer Y. (girl needs to update!)


jessalyn said...

awww! thanks pretty lady! i have been the worstest blogger ever lately. must rectify that, especially now that i have been nominated for an award. you rock my socks.

Mindy♥ said...

Hey girl!! Look at you!! Sooo lovely and that ring is... AMAZING!!! <3 You and your fiancee look so adorable together! and yayyy for paleness. ;)
and THANK YOU so much for the award!!! It means so much!! xoxo

The Little Dust Princess said...

omigosh you ARE pale! Never really noticed it much until you pointed it out. LOL Especially compared to your fiance. :P Do you tan during the summer? Congrats on the engagement again!

xx The Little Dust Princess

beeyoutiful7 said...

Hey girlfriend !
good thing I get an email when people leaves comment on my blog! LOL..
thanks for the award! I honestly dont think I deserve it but it does make me wonder if I should start my blog. I'm sure Stephanie will be happy too =)

You look fab btw !! <3

Makeup Morsels said...

:D thank you!! that's so sweet of you. cute FOTD btw!!

Makeup Morsels said...

and omg can't forgot I left this bit out. congrats on your engagement!!

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

CONGRATS!!!! *jumps around* Ok, now I must go back and actaully read your post.
Thank you so much for the blogger award. It made me :)

MakeupFanatic27 said...

Awww Really Thank You so much! I was so happy when I saw my name on the list...heehee You look gorgeous in those pics. I go light on my cheeks with blush cause I naturally don't need much. The cold weather does the trick. ^.~

DSK Steph! said...

LMFAO maybe your post is better than 60 minutes last night. haha It was a nice morning surprise. I can't believe Minh won 1st place. WTFH!

I can't wait to meet the love of your life in RL. And you have yet to meet the love of my life in RL! WTFFF we're RL friends..this makes ZERO SENSE!

KIMB! said...

Ahhh your fiancee look so handsome, lucky girl ! I am in search for MAC lipstick, but I love yours!

my favorite pink said...

I'm a little late but CONGRATS on the engagement!!! That is so exciting! Hearing about ppl getting engaged makes me so happy, haha! Your ring is beauuuuuu-tiful!! Lucky girl, you! But he's probably the lucky one to snag you! =) CONGRATS again!


Gjee said...

you're so sweet for mentioning me in your award list!! and HOLY COW you need to show us better pictures of your ring!?!??! its to die for! <3 <3

update more, yes? =)

sole said...

you looks nice with red lips, I usually wear my lips in red, with russian red by MAC.

Nonners said...

thanks Sole-- red lips are a nice change for me once in a while! I should check out Russian Red, since the red i'm wearing is a bit browny-not true red.

Christina T said...

Aaaw, your ring is so beautiful, congrats! You and your fiance look perfect together imo! opposites attract right? xx


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