Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am a great girl. I am so funny. I am beautiful. You should, like, break up with me or something.



DSKNguyen said...

Nonners Marx, I was looking for you on Facebook today to leave you a comment about something really funny, but now I forgotz.

I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work out :( If you need someone to to dish with..I'm all ears!

I saw Matty again at MAC, lulzzz I bought more of that Lavender Whip lipstick, that mess is going for $25-$30 on Ebay!!

I hope you're feeling okay..I don't like my friends to be sad in any way.

That guy's a JERK for making you upset, I hope he doesn't pass character and fitness, and fails.

I got into two law schools woman! Will tell you more about it laterzz

I love you, stay strong! And holla atch y0 girl DSK

beeyoutiful7 said...

Guess who ? <3

Hi Whit,
I'm sorry that things that work out well.. but you always learn something from it and it only makes you become stronger person =)

We all know that you're a great person and beautiful =)

I am soo sure that there's a wonderful person looking for you !

smile beautiful <3


Jenn -

DSKNguyen said...

Blue Bear, it's like 4:45AM, puahahaha

I'm glad I can be of some comfort. I just hate douchebags, and when they hurt the ones I love, I get super ANGRYYYYYYY. >.< I GOT ASIAN ANGER. LOL jk.

I'd so love to visit you this summer woman, your beach is da bomb. We could spend more time out there and take cute pics of our toes!! Those were good times. Grabbing some grub too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited now. LOL

2 weeks til graduation. gahhh, kill me. I have 3 projects, and to do a bunch of research for this professor. I'm a Research Assistant for the IAH Department and I fail. hahaha

But yeah! If you have a quick minute we should like go to Meijer together or something. ^_~

Steph said...

20% off Tuesday nights Whit, tonight. lol

DSKNguyen said...

First, why you making fun of my hubby's voice? haha jk. I prefer my other husby Vin Diesel just b/c he has bigger muscles.

I'm thinking about adding a blog for my match making service lol.

E-DSK Harmony. AHAHA


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