Sunday, April 26, 2009

Occupying my time

Have replaced the ex-boyfriend with my elliptical, reverse crunches, push-ups, & permanent TV viewing position-- the "plank." I don't really want to lose weight, but being wicked toned wouldn't be so bad.

Realized my one true love: My Dyson "Absolute" vacuum. It minimizes allergens and other asthma-causing particles. Annnnd I've done the whole vacuum with shitty vacuum first, then vacuum the same area with the Dyson test.... and the Dyson is so much more powerful it can drag up all sorts of crap the 2nd time around. That was worded horribly, I'm tired.

My thing on the side: Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers. These buddies can be used on anything: shoes, door frames/doors, walls, yellowing refrigerator handles, cupboards, counters, etcetcetc.

More later, maybe.

Comedy & Tragedy theater masks. This is one of my best friends. She does not like to vacuum. It's relevant.


DSKNguyen said...

I so love to vacuum, and you have a dyson..pshhhhhhh I dislike you. jerk!

hahaha jk. I just woke up...
I need to go shower...peaceee

beeyoutiful7 said...

I really like to see how you clean. Because I need to clean my room LOL


Kristin said...

I have those erasers and they're just sitting in my cleaning cabinet...Why???


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