Monday, May 4, 2009

As Smart as Geek is Chic Right Now

Business college marketing major, graduating with honors this coming SATURDAY. AKA NERDface. (see above: nerdface)

Lately I've been busy packing and making feeble attempts at studying international economics (terrifying). Wait. That's what I should have been doing. MOSTLY... I've been busy hanging out with my long-time buddy, Carrotman aka DSK aka Steph aka Babu aka Asian Carrot aka... *makes some shit up*.

(Steph whistling with some candy? Or something? I don't have the patience to play with my candy... I like to go straight to the eating. Sometimes it is a difference like this that makes it really hard to be friends with people like HER (dramatic music)!!!)

As I pack (tomorrow or the following few days) I will update this post with some info and recommendations regarding the cleaning products I'm packing away.



DSKNguyen said...

well maybe you need to stop judging me and maybe try to understand where I'm coming from, GAHH, you're such an insensitive non-appreciative kind of person who lacks the knowledge to follow directions on the whistle candy wrapper that's in Japanese. That sentence was a run on and made NO sense at all, but that's the beauty behind being up at 2:19am and 1/3 way done with a lame ass final project due tomorrow at 5:45pm.

Do I get to sleep tonight? F NO, who is to blame? YOU.

Basically, stop being so geek and chic and other thesaurus words for geek and chic bullshit. I'm done typing now.


beeyoutiful7 said...

Congrats hunnie!!
You'll be graduating soon !

Enjoy while you're there !

OMG..I am sooo excited to read about your cleaning techniques!

You & Steph are soo cute

Ok..back to my BLAW

<3 you!!!!

ps: your comment made me laugh! LOL

flutterby1987 said...

Hey girl, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm so excited for you... all grown up and going about your life ;)

Oh, and graduating with honors? You ARE a nerd..... heheheee

DSK Steph said...

lmaoooooooooooo whistle candy wth


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