Monday, May 25, 2009

Russia: Aggressively flushing toilets, lack of eateries and eating in general, and CLEAN STREETS!!

So I graduated from the whole college-thing.

Happy 21st to my friend (pictured)-- she's going to get carded until she's 455.

Andddd I have been in Russia for the past week. Moscow, Yaroslavl, Goritzy... (St. Petersburg in a few days).

Saw dead Lenin. There was about 50 guards protecting the dead Lenin. My sister was yelled at for having her hands in her pockets, and my mother was yelled at for not passing by dead Lenin at at a brisk enough pace. INTENSITY.

TO THE POINT: You don't find litter in Russia-- maybe there is some severe (death or WORSE) penalty for litterers. Even the metro stations are immaculate, it's pretty crazy.

Also, I'm convinced that teenage to 30 y.o. Russian women don't eat. In their honor, I have upped my intake 3-fold.

And also, this is traditionally what happens to spiders I encounter...

Poor excuse for an update, I'm lazy, the end.


DSK said...


where are pictures of russians?

IchigoBunnie said...

lol i love ur idea for the spiders. if i dun have a fly swatter or a shoe that im willing to make a bit gross at the bottom from squishing bugs, then i end up leavin em alone and running away xD

IchigoBunnie said...

o ur comment did go through :) both of them. I moderate my comments so they don't show up right away until i approve of them :) (to prevent spammers and flamers)

yes im a beauty blogger, but to be honest, im too poor to be one!!! hahaha. so i dun haul a ton of stuff like the other girls do. Right now i just splurgedl ike $40 (...thats a lot of money for me even though it isn't to others) on skincare, cuz ive been trying to concentrate on skincare.

i mostly do product reviews bc i STILL cannot figure out for the life of me how to take pictures of my makeup (especially my eyes for the eyeshadows and such). it always comes out wrong colors or washed out etc. i only had a couple lucky clear shots, which were the only ones i put on my blog thus far lol.

whoooops sorry for the long comment xD haha. hope ur day's going well! :)


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