Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bought A Dress!

Haaaaaaa.  My mother wanted me to look for more dresses in Florida to be sure, but I told her,

 "I just want to be done with it [dress shopping]...."

We both agreed that this is the one, though.  

  • It's going to take about 6 months for my dress to be made and shipped, but it is going to be like this one, except stark white, not ivory.  WHITE WHITE.  Like, even whiter than my skin (I know, hard to believe---right?).
  • I am also going to have a seamstress do some custom straps-- thicker and incorporating some of the same lace as in the dress.  I think it will be much prettier than the spaghetti straps.  :D
  • It is also going to be made in my size (the one in the pic is 2 sizes too large) so it will be very curvy on, if it doesn't look so curvy in these pics.

ANYWAY~~  Here it is in the ivory color.
Wayyy too big on top!  But you get the idea :)

Again, this one does not hug my curves as much as mine will

Up close of the bodice

I was trying on some thicker straps just to get an idea of what it would look like.  The straps I'm having made will be much prettier than this, though!

Bottom of the dress


Mindy♥ said...

It's stunning!! Congrats. :) I think you made the perfect decision. <3

MakeupFanatic27 said...

WOW That dress looks Beautiful! Can't wait for the fitting to be fix so you can truly see how well it will fit you. Your going to look so beautiful on your wedding day! Best of luck to you and your fiance!

Happy Holidays!

~Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I love the detailing. Dress shopping is just so hard! Especially when there's so many options and choices. For example, I love the one you bought, but I also love the first one in your other post and that dress that's in the back of some of your photos! xD

Im gonna have a mega touch time dress shopping when I do marry...*sigh*

Noriki said...

Very gorgeous, nonners! love the details on it and how it flutters at the bottom (very soft)! everything on it is perfect in my opinion. The only part that kinda bug me is that flower on your chest (on ur left). It doesn't stand out that much, so it's better to have it in an outstanding way or just simply without it, but i do like how the flower looks on the first picture..meh..its hard to tell just by looking on pictures... =\
congrats again Nonners! ^_^

The Little Dust Princess said...

What a great look amazing in this one! You're gonna look even MORE amazing and beautiful in the more fitted version. :D You're right about the straps - spaghetti straps aren't that flattering for that dress. I can't wait to see how you plan out your wedding! Do blog about it :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rinny said...

Yay! Congrats on your dress! I agree that this is the one for you; you look beautiful in it! It definitely looks way better with the thicker straps; the spaghetti straps look kinda flimsy - you wouldn't want a wardrobe malfunction on your big day! haha

Susanna said...

I say thicker straps add a nice touch to it! With the spaghetti straps they look so fragile!!
Can't wait to see your dress :)

Gjee said...

i'm in love with the picture of the bottom of the dress! the detailing is so lovely and delicate. so pretty :)!

I can't believe you're already done!! I was excited to see more posts full of wedding dresses =\ boring Nonners! lol JK! its fun getting to share your wedding experiences with you <3 now if only you could share the cake tasting experience with us! ;)

can't wait to see the dress after its all finished!!! 6 months is such a long time =\ haha i also love how the dress is tiered? i'm not sure how to describe it but the bottom of the dress is a different material than the bodice. its such an elegant touch!

good choice good choice. =)

KIMB! said...

glad you found your dress! :) the custom made dress sounds like a great idea! beautiful :)

sole said...

Congratulations sweetheart, the dress is beautiful. Going to be the most beautiful bride.

l-article said...

The dress is gorgeous!!! I love the bodice! And the customization on the straps sound lovely~

siwing said...

You look gorgeoussss in your dress !! Glad you found your perfect dress !! I love the detailing and yay!! all white.. =) Congrats again!

Merry Christmas!!

xo Siwing

Quynh said... look so pretty in the wedding dress! Your fiance is a lucky man!

Merry Christmas!!

CocoBella said...

You look stunning! And the dress is beautiful! Perfect! Thanks for the blog love too!

Danielle said...

So exciting!!! I was also hoping to see more wedding dress options ^_- but when you find THE ONE you have to grab it up and shield your eyes from anything...everything else.

Thanks for your message before. I don't have a blog :( so we'll have to trade stories through Stephanie haha - she also told me lot's of wonderful things about you ^_^.

Hopefully we can all chat one day!


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