Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Asian Survival Kit" and FOTD!

Sorry I've been MIA.  I have no excuse for it.  Now that's covered!

I have some fun pictures to post!  First I want to show you all a Christmas present I got from Verina in Singapore!  She calls it the "Official Asian Survival Kit" and I love it!  I've never tried any asian makeup/beauty products before, and she even included circle lenses!  THANK YOU VERINA!  I  love everything!


Unfortunately it's not packaged as cute as it was originally, because my fiance picked it up from the post office and opened it before I got to do so (I gave him the OK).  I'm sure he ate half the candy before I even saw it, too!  :P

Perfect purse-size!  I've been using so much hand lotion to keep my hands pretty now that I've got  engagement bling!

I am eating this right now :)

maroon lenses!  These look so cool on (images below)

"Jeweling Eyes"  sparkly eyeshadow!
Definitely cannot read any of this ahaha

Really tasty candy (some of it's gone already) and Hello Kitty pencil!

I loveeee this peachy lipstick!  I don't have anything this color so its perfect!
Face masks... this makes me feel fancy!  

Thanks for the gift, Verina!  You will definitely be getting a gift in return ;) I will just have to look for some goodies that are equally cool!  <3 

Now for some FOTD pics from today wearing the new lenses!  I am also wearing the lipstick and the eyeshadows from the asian kit!  Do you see the transformation from white girl to asian yet??

I will take better quality photos someday, but for now this is what you all get!

Do I look asian with this pose?  Haha

Super coooool!  And also, I'm into very natural mascaras lately, which is new for me.

click to see larger: and also my eyebrows really arent that uneven in real life.  haha they look crazy here!


The Little Dust Princess said...

Looks like you got a lot of goodies! And you got the Asian poses down pat. ; ) LOL I'm also loving your eyebrows!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Christina T said...

Wow thats awesome! The lenses are cool! (:

Mindy♥ said...

Looking fabulous, love! Those lenses are WHOA! LOL. :) I love getting goodies and Verina is sooo sweet for sending you some from overseas! Hope your wedding preps are going well!

oooh and btw.. response to your comment on my blog. YES! The Purity gift from Sephora is adorable! I'm assuming it smells like birthday cake or something? ^o^ Haven't opened it yet..

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I love peachy lipstick shades too!! :) Welcome back!

flutterby1987 said...

hahahhaaa!!!! ASSAAAAAAA!!!!

Rinny said...

Haha that's a great "survival kit;" I love Asian brand cosmetics and beauty products. The lenses look really nice on you! Your eyes look so big and dolly-like :D

Me said...

pretty eyes! I love the nail color. What brand/color is it?

I just got my dress. Its a bit loose on me. I should of got a size smaller. I hope it fits when the day comes after alternations.

We booked our ceremony/reception site 2-3 after we got engaged. A lot of places in Boston get booked really fast. We ended up with a country club that able to held ceremony and reception at the same place, more convenience for us and our guests.

I finally picked out the bridesmaid dresses. I am planning to order it online. So much cheaper than the bridal store. I have to save money for other things for the wedding haha..

Good luck with your bridesmaid dress search... it took me and us a while to find something they all/I like.

ps. i've been planning my wedding since forever haha thats how i got my wedding colors :)

FashionableAsians said...

LOL too bad it's missing bbcream = an azn gal's beauty essential! ;P


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