Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I am 24.

Today is my birthday!  I'm going to spend the day with my fiance: a little shopping, a little eating, and a little wine.  Sounds good to me!

I'm feeling pretty... elderly...

8 years ago I was 16....
16-year-old "I'm way too cool for this" face

the majority of my close friends were... and still are... asian... lol

5 years ago I was 19... and disgustingly skinny.
Please excuse my bony-ness, I was 5'6" tall and 106 lbs (not on purpose)

 and 20 years old...
super cute ganache bday cake! it was like 10 lbs heavy!
 3 years ago I was 21...!!
2 of my favorite people in the world:  Asmait and Michelle 
There's always something crazy that happens when we go out....  hahaha poor guy

 2 years ago I was 22...
yeah i know... CRAZY BANGS

A random guy at the bar who kept kissing my hand bought $400 worth of champagne for me/my friends.  We all had our own bottles... but mine was the most expensive one of COURSE.  :P  Then he shook one of the bottles and got a bunch of people soaked in champagne and promptly got kicked out!  It was pretty excellent.

A year ago I was 23!
3 of my best friends!  Michelle, Choua, and Stacey.  Do any of you recognize one of them?  Cuz you should!  Hehehe she's gonna kill me when she sees this.  Hey, you might even recognize 2 of them... ;)

My big brother!  (I was in a co-ed fraternity in college)

Birthday presents from one of my BFFs, Choua, A DEEP FRYER.  That girl knows what's up!  

I loveeee to dance, even though I am most likely really terrible at it!


wuzzyangel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONNERS!!! You look the same from all these years! Do you not AGE?! What deal did you make & with who?! LOL!!

Hope you have an awesome 24th!!! Ahhh to be that young again!

Nannerz said...

Happy Birthday!! ;)

Mindy♥ said...

Happy Birthdayyyyy!! ^o^
Hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year being 24! I'm sure it's going to be filled with wonderful memories since it will be the year you have your wedding as well! lol. <3

Christina T said...

Happy birthay sweetie! (:

coffretgorge said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear! your celebration sounds really fun, a little bit of everything is always nice! ;)

Noriki said...

Happy Birthday dear!!!!!!<333 best wishes to you and your fiance! ^_^

jessalyn said...

gah- i am a day late. happy birthday pretty lady! hope it was wonderful!

Susanna said...

Wow happy belated birthday!
You share the same birthday as my dad hehe.
Hope you had lots of fun with your fiance!!

Rinny said...

Happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love seeing how people change over the years :D


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