Monday, January 24, 2011

LOTD, learning Korean, new dress!

For my birthday I asked for Rosetta Stone: Korean (levels 1 & 2) from my parents.  I just started using it a few days ago, and I've been using it a little over an hour every day so far.
Rosetta Stone V4 TOTALe: Korean Level 1-2 Set

I'm going to Korea in May with my fiance to meet his parents!  I hope I can hold basic conversations with them in Korean by then.   I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Anyhowwww I'm having a late birthday party/practice bachelorette party this Saturday.  One of my friends is home in Michigan from Korea, and another friend is driving up from Kentucky and I'm sooo excited to see them!  The theme is "Pretty in Pink"  (LOL I did not pick the theme) so everyone has to wear PINK!

Tae (aka fiance, I don't use his name often on blog) got me this dress for my party (even though he's not invited!)  In general it's not my style, but it fits the "pink theme" and is super flattering on ;)

So here is a LOTD from Saturday night.  I was going out to meet some friends for cocktails, so I did some dark "evening eyes."  Haaaaaa.

I don't feel like listing the products unless you want to know what any of them are specifically, then I'll let you know!

Also, the fingernail polish I'm wearing in my "Asian Survival Kit" post is called "Off With Her Red" by OPI and it's GREAT.  I got it for $3 and it's the perfect matte red.  I've had it on for almost 2 full weeks and it still looks great!


Mindy♥ said...

Hello Miss Fabulous!
Those red nails look absolutely glamorous and you look so gorgeous! Hope Korean is treating you well. lol. I'm curious as to how effective Rosetta Stone is! ^o^

Christina T said...

So jealous of the fact that your going to korea =[ just watch lots of korean dramas to pick it up hehe, let us know if rosetta stone is any good will ya? (:

about the comment you left on my blog, its cause diet coke and nails inc did a collaboration/offer, buy 2 bottles of diet coke and get a free nail polish, that was the free nail polish that i got (: hope that cleared it up for ya xx

Rinny said...

That's a cute dress; I love bodycon styles like that. And I love your LOTD, the eye makeup looks great. Please keep us updated on the Rosetta Stone progress - I was always curious to see whether all the hype about it is worth the price tag. I'm trying to brush up on my Mandarin :)

P.S. Happy belated birthday! <3

The Little Dust Princess said...

Happy belated birthday! The dress is gonna look SMOKIN' on ya. I'm not Korean, but I know a few words like hello, thank you, and I love you. LOL

xx The Little Dust Princess

Rinny said...

I tagged you for the "7 Beauty Characteristics" post :D

Post here

InsideOut Elle said...

*sigh* If only I had the curves to pull off such a dress....

btw you should ride the couples-only (really) glass elevator at Building 63 in Seoul! One minute of private time yo ;)


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