Thursday, February 4, 2010

Showing this economy who's boss

This is worth reading, especially the 2nd part with pictures.  It's pretty LOL-tastic.

So last Friday I got an email from someone about a "job opportunity" as the "national parts sales manager."  I thought it was one of those spam-make-10 million dollars from home-type emails, because it was signed


*Fake name, because... SECRETS

Anyhow.  The email is legitimate.  CEO/president Bob FOUND my resume online (that actually happens?!?!) and wants to interview me for a managerial position.  

Did I mention that CEO/president Bob has also been a state senator for 20 years and ran for governor?  Yeah, and he's contacting ME. 

I mean I'm confident in my abilities... and I am an exceptionally hard worker... but I never really expect companies to PURSUE ME.  This is the 2nd time this has happened in my life.  The first time was my junior year of college when a company basically THREW a Search Engine Optimization internship at me.  It was pretty much the coolest/best feeling ever.

Anyway, I emailed him (Bob) back on Sunday and gave him a call today.

They are looking at some candidates to hire from WITHIN first (saaaadddddd), but I am on "the list" to interview for the national sales manager position if the company doesn't proceed with a current employee of the company.  

Aaaaaand on a separate but related note:  I have my 2nd meeting with the biotechnology company TOMORROW.  I have been networking with this company for 6 months!  

I am stressed out!

Wish me luck!


Don't get me wrong... I am not THE BEST INTERVIEWEE EVARRRR.  I try to be very professional.... but sometimes I let my quirky sense of humor get the best of me.

I got to the 3rd round for the 3rd DIFFERENT POSITION at the same company this summer.  They kept calling me back because they "Still want to find a position for me within the company!" but kept giving the positions to people with "more years of experience out of college."

So for this 3rd round of the 3rd different position, I was competing against 5 other people with the same or better qualifications... AND most of them had family members who currently worked for that company.  I really felt like I needed to differentiate myself in some way.

I was very professional in the interviews, and the 4 managers who interviewed me were very friendly with seemingly excellent senses of humor.



Along with some professional follow-up emails to the people who interviewed me, I attached the following pictures.   I thought it showed a little personality...  apparently just I  (and all of my friends on Facebook-- LOL) found it to be hilarious....

Each person who interviewed me got one of the following photos...

I did not get the job....

True story.  I did that.  


DSK Steph said...

DUDE PROPS TO YOU! I bet you they will never forget you :D

Man if anyone every did that for me, I'd so hire them base on awesome personality!

DSK Steph said...


DSK Steph said...

By the way my respect for you is like double

jessalyn said...

good luck on your interview!!
i find it hilarious, you my friend, rock.

minders02 said...

Good Luck!! :)

wuzzyangel said...

Haha!! You're too funny! but seriously GL with the interviews & I hope you get the job! That is awesome that they contacted you.

KitKat said...

that's awesome!
I don't think i could ever do that..
hope everything goes well with that biotech company..

evie said...

hi can i ask about an interview would you answer wehn they ask you that why did you not go back to your intern job and choose a new job?..

thank you!

elleovely said...

this is hilarious!! :) I love that you took such a risk!


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